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ECG Green Lead Wire for Europe

GE HealthCare
GE HealthCare
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Informazioni sul prodotto

ECG Green Lead Wires are a component in ECG Systems. The Electrocardiogram (ECG) is the term used to record the activity of heart with the help of electrodes placed on the skin over a period of time. The system uses five cables of different colors used to connect to the human body at various point which is color coded for easy identification| green lead wire is one among them. It is connected to the ECG cable adapters. Like the other lead wires| this green lead wire will be connected to the Right Leg (RL) of the human body. As it plays a vital role| the material used is of high quality and professional grade and will meet the material standards. It is particularly manufactured to use in cardiovascular ultrasound systems which provide excellent performance. The finishing of the lead wire is smooth and safe without any burrs and sharp edges. The length of each cable used in the ECG set is approximately 3.6 meters. The green lead wire comes as a part of UL Vivid S5| Evaluated/Not Applicable CT| UL Vivid S6| UL Vivid T8| UL LOGIQ F8| UL Vivid 7| UL Vivid T8 R2.5| UL Vivid i/q| UL LOGIQ 5 EXPERT| UL LOGIQ E9| UL Vivid I| UL LOGIQ P5| UL Vivid IQ R2| UL Vivid 5| UL Vivid 3| UL VOLUSON 730 PRO| UL Vivid T8 R2 and UL Vivid S5 VET| among others.

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ECG Green Lead Wire