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Centering Device 45432398

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GE HealthCare
GE HealthCare
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Informazioni sul prodotto

This centering device is used for centering the board set used in the tilting vertical bucky stand used in the GE's X-Ray Systems. This centering device is 125 mm long, have 16.8 mm maximum width and 25 mm thick. This device is curved at the certer for proving ease of mounting the board on the bucky stand. Use of Polyvinyl Chloride for making the centering devices provides high dimensional stability, good strength and also offers corrosion free structure. This devices comes in charcoal gray color which perfectly suits with the bucky assembly. The chamferings makes the structure free shrap edges which offers comfort during installation. Two numbers of mounting holes of diameter 3.2 mm are provided for easy installion of this centering device on the bucky stand.