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Fuse 2A, 125 VAC, Slow Blow 6.3 x 32

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Informazioni sul prodotto

A Fuse is an electrical device used to protect an electrical circuit from the effects of current higher than usual. The safety device consists of a strip of wire that melts and breaks an electric circuit when the current level exceeds a desired level. The time delay fuse is sometimes known as an anti-surge or slow blow fuse. The purpose of this type of fuse is to allow a surge in electricity for a short time before the fuse actually blows. Regular fuses do not allow for any spike over the current rating of the fuse. Some electrical devices need a high inrush of current to start their function. These glass body time-delay or slow-blow fuses can sustain overloads for a limited period. They are well suited for those types of electronics as they allow the initial surge of power without destroying the circuit. Fuses are always connected in series with the components to be protected from overcurrent, so that when the fuse blows (opens) it will open the entire circuit and stop current through the components.