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RIM IMS Cover Side Left Hand Assembly Positioning GMV

Computed Tomography (CT)
GE HealthCare
GE HealthCare
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Informazioni sul prodotto

This RIM IMS Left Hand Side Cover Assembly is installed on the GT 1700V Table which is used along with GE's Brightspeed Edge, Brightspeed Excel, Brightspeed Elite Computed Tomography Systems. The cover is installed on the lower left side of patient table and is provided with an intent to protect and hide the internal mechanism from: low impact collisions, dust, dirt, moisture, and fluid spills. Apart from these, the covers also protects the end users from various hazards as they provides first level protection against contact with internal electrical wirings and mechanisms. This cover assembly is made up of high quality Polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) material that offers good chemical stability, thermal stability, good toughness and strength along with good flame retardancy. The cover comes with screws and mounting brackets having precisely drilled holes through which it can be easily installed on the table assembly without any protrusion of screws on outer surface. This assembly also includes a Tape Switch which is installed along with the cover for sensing the accidental collision impacts. All parts of this cover are appropriately labelled and packed using suitable packaging materials which provides adequate protection from scratches and minor impacts during transit. The GE Gray color gives this cover a pleasant appearance and its surface finish aids in easier cleaning. This RIM IMS Left Cover Assembly is free from sharp edges and is designed with finer tolerances and contours for easy and perfect fit on the system. This Product will be shipped in suitable packaging to give adequate protection during transit.